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The Madeleine


Sometimes when overwhelmed with thought, I write poetry. On a particularly overwhelming day I started writing this poem and in the end, I am glad I did. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Before the stars twinkled with the warmth of light
Before the sun cowered beneath the perpetual loom of midnight
Before the unyielding dark night and Sisyphean climb
Before natural disasters and stolen time
Before you, before the world, before the heaven above
You had my heart, my love

Before deferred dreams and moon beams
Before the interred hope renewed and rain fell in streams
Before smiling through pain and silent screams
Before the flaming wings of innocence redeemed
Before life it seems, the mythical rise, the fall
You had my love, you had it all

Before the first spark was kindled in the distance
Before rage, frustration and ill fated elastic dance
Before the obdurate fences around our haunting romance
Before at long last, a chance, the benighted first glance
Before the whispers in the wind and magical things
You captivated my soul and gave it wings

Before the stardust could hide the anguish in your eyes
Before gentle kisses made me feel so much, I cried
Before the tender warmth of your touch would forever caress my memories
Before wishes and wonders, flowers and fantasies
Before synchronicity, serendipity and even still
You have my heart, my love and always will.

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    A test

  2. Roco

    Love this poem


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